Thanks to fair Winnie, whose comment on my last entry sent me to the dollar store, I put together the much-talked-about bumblebee, butterfly and flower costumes for a whopping $7.

Not bad for $7!

We had the flower headband already. The wings were all $1. I bent Callista’s wings so they were more leaf-like (I knew I couldn’t bring home wings for Toby and Eleanor and not have wings for Callista, so her wings became leaves). The antennae headbands originally had skulls on them but were only $1 each at AC Moore, so I ripped off the skulls and stuck on styrofoam balls I had on hand that I then painted black ($1 bottle) and pink (already had it). Toby’s wings got new fabric-paint ($1) stripes. The final piece was a styrofoam cone ($1) used for flower arranging that got a coat of black paint.

They’ll be a bumblebee, butterfly and flower by day and pumpkins by night. Or maybe they’ll be bumblebee/butterfly/flower-pumpkin hybrids, but that’s totally cool because it makes even more sense than any of those sexy monster/goblin/zombie costumes that are ever so popular, AMIRIGHT?

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  1. Caitlin says:

    Aw! They look adorable, and I’m sure they are SO excited to be flowers, bumblebees and butterflies! If they’re anything like my kids, they’ll wear those wings whenever they can for whatever reason. Which store had wings for $1??? I’m in a pinch over some failed Tinkerbell wings!

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