Who’s the leader of the land that’s there for you to stream?

OK, that intro was a little gross, I know.

But it’s true! How much of the world does Disney own or at least rule just a little? A ridiculous amount, that’s for sure. Disney has been on Netflix for some time now, but September marks a new era for the partnership.

Disney already topped my list for holiday favorites on Netflix, and we have a long love history with Princess Sofia.

This new deal, however changed the game some. We had just bought Zootopia mere weeks before it started streaming, and we have already queued it up at least three times in the last week, just because Netflix makes it easy to watch 15 minutes here or there.

I’m a total superhero junky, and while I’ve been too busy to remember to hit the video store to rent (yes, we still use one!), the new Captain America movie (Civil War, right?), so I’m hopeful it’ll be available to stream as quickly as Zootopia was.

Speaking of Zootopia, I haven’t professed my love for that movie here on my blog. If you haven’t seen it yet – do not pass go, go directly to Netflix and stream it because it. is. great.

I took ETC to see it in the theater this spring, and I was flat-out guffawing at the DMV scene with the sloths.


Aside from the LOLs, the movie is genuinely good. You know how you watch The Little Mermaid now and cringe just a little bit at the example Ariel is setting for your young, impressionable minds? Yeah, Officer Judy Hopps is no Ariel. She is responsible, honorable and has valuable lessons for us all on how to treat each other. She even learns some valuable lessons of her own along the way.

We just won’t talk about my irrational crush on a cartoon fox (voiced by Jason Bateman).


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  1. I know! I think I love zootopia just as much as myn5 year old!

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