Between high-risk pregnancy bedrest, pumping for 30 minutes 4-12 times a day, keeping unusual hours with newborn triplets (now triplets who still. don’t. all. sleep. through. the night.), I have worked hard to find the end of Netflix, but in 6 years, it hasn’t happened yet. I suspect it never will.

Not only do I keep finding new movies and shows to fall in love with (currently blazing through my first experience with The West Wing), I become more and more impressed by the number of things my family has learned just from watching what’s on Netflix.

  • Eleanor makes special requests using “pretty please with cherries on top,” thanks to Lalaloopsy.
  • Toby knows that Mario and Luigi work as plumbers (“People who work with a wrench!”), and love spaghetti.
  • I can first-impression-hate a show based on its theme music and realize I’m right after suffering through an episode at the request of a persuasive 4-year-old (and declare that the show is something I don’t want to watch but am happy she finds it entertaining).
  • Shows like Yo Gabba Gabba (no longer on Netflix, RIP Nickelodeon contract), and Daniel Tiger have songs so catchy and so helpful that you’ll still sing them during “teachable moments” 4 years after first learning them. “Try new things ’cause they might taste goo-ood!”
  • Jem is truly outrageous and other vocabulary words that come up on different shows.
  • Jed Bartlet for President 2016.


As a Netflix Stream Team member, I was provided with a Sharp Roku television, and I receive free Netflix instant streaming service in exchange for sharing relevant topics and messages with you and your family. All opinions expressed on are 100 percent my own – those cannot be bought!

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