I have explained why we can’t be “cool bad guys” like Gru from the Despicable Me movies, how Phoebe on Friends was having triplets that weren’t going to be her babies and how even though the old man we were talking to looked like a character from Goosebumps, there was definitely nothing scary about him, but I haven’t had any good, helpful teachable moments from Netflix viewing lately. Not like I wrote about here, at least:

Kids & pink elephants don’t mix

The mini conversations we’ve had lately are still helpful. No, it isn’t cool to be a bad guy. Surrogacy is an amazing gift that’s one way people can expand their families. The Goosebumps thing? Well. The observation was kind of accurate, but let’s just be kind to old folks, OK? They have earned those wrinkles, spots and concession with gravity.

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