When ETC first showed me the Lego Friends show on Netflix sometime last year, I was less than impressed. The animation looks totally different from the Lego movie, and the writing made me smirk. My kids liked it, but I didn’t see the appeal, and I could think of far better ways for them to spend their time.

Fast forward to this month when, to celebrate, Netflix sent its Stream Team members a goody box containing two lego sets – one featuring a character from the Netflix Original Lego Bionicle series that premiered this month, and one featuring a character from Lego Friends, which has new Netflix Original episodes.

I can’t be sure whether ETC are finally old enough to have patience to follow a Lego book of directions or they were just that excited to build something they watched on Netflix, but all three of my kids sat down and – from start to finish without stopping – completed their first Lego builds.

I’m down with any shows that encourage new, challenging hands-on activities, so I’m now down with Lego Friends.


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