My kids are just like me in their Netflix viewing habits – they’re repeat offenders. They have the shows/movies they like, and getting them to check out something new isn’t always easy.

Dinotrux premiered on Netflix at just the right time. ETC saw a preview for the show on the DVD for Home, so when they saw the image pop up on Netflix, they freaked out. “We just saw that preview before¬†Home! Can we watch it?”

Something new I don’t know the theme song to by heart (and wish I didn’t)? SURE, KIDDOS.

It’s a cute show, I must say. Half dinosaur, half construction truck, the first two episodes I’ve seen talk about bullies and standing up for yourself as well as the power of sticking together and being friends. All three of my kids were captivated for two episodes while I cooked dinner after a long day at the playground.

I’m a fan.

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