The triplet mamas who have gone before me (twin mamas, too!), told me it would happened. I knew it would eventually, but eventually seemed like a lifetime away.

Eventually is here. Finally.

“Are they triplets?”

We get asked that frequently when out in public – not nearly as frequently now that ETC walk most places and we don’t have strollers or the choo choo wagon screaming the obvious – and ETC are finally jumping in to answer these people who obviously want to hear their life stories.


“We’re¬†triplets! We’re 3 and a half! We’re going to have a birthday soon! We’re going to see Yo Gabba Gabba party in Charlotte again! We just went to the beach! My grandma was there! And we got seashells! My favorite color is pink! I’m going to be 4 years old soon! I’m 3 now, but I’m going to turn 4 – that’s this many!”


Joe Public gets an earful in the form of a string of consciousness from the 3-year-old (almost 4!) brain, and they rarely have time to ask all those awkward questions because they’re too busy smiling, nodding and trying to translate the nonstop, high-pitched, excited jabber.


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One Response to ‘Are they triplets?’

  1. souphead says:

    A does this too
    “I’m Avery!” “I’m three!” “I’m going to the zoo with Gramma!” “We’re going to the store” Full narration for anyone who engages her.
    Cannot imagine that excitement times three.
    I just love your kiddos :)

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