Rob and I love documentaries. I mean, who doesn’t? It’s the original Reality TV. I’m still pining after the full set of Planet Earth discs. I’ll own them someday, I’m sure.

Kids are natural learners, so I’ve had my sights set on a few documentaries on Netflix (God bless being able to avoid the who-gets-to-load-the-DVD fight, the who-gets-to-pick-the-DVD fight and the got-distracted-because-getting-past-the-previews issue when you can just turn on Netflix and choose a program. I’m also a big fan of how Netflix bookmarks where you left off when you just can’t finish an entire program with 3 3-year-olds on the loose), that looked like they miiiiiiight work, as long as they’re vibrant/exciting/lyrical/friendly enough.

We had a few days of rain recently, and once I exhausted coloring, playing in the rain, “helping” me in the kitchen and cleaning the living room, ETC were ready to bask in the glow of our TV.

Perfect time to try a documentary, right? I started Turtle: The Incredible Journey and sat back to watch ETC swoon over adorable baby turtles … until the baby turtles started getting chased by evil crabs.

Oh, me.

Toby was all questions, “What’s that crab doing?” “Is him trying to pinch the baby?”

Eleanor was all shock and horror, “Oh, no!” “The baby!” “What’s going to happen?” “OH, NO!” “LEAVE THAT BABY ALONE!” (There was gasping and hands over her mouth – she has a tender heart.)

Callista was rapt, silent and staring, wide-eyed. She couldn’t look away, but she looked like she really, really wanted to.

I turned it off. I couldn’t make Eleanor sit through the other eventual predators a turtle might face (Really? In a kids’ show that looks all kinds of adorable? Circle of life, I suppose.), and I could just see Callista having nightmares over it.

Back to Daniel Tiger, kids, except HEY! Netflix added new episodes this month. Hallelujah!

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4 Responses to We’ll try again later

  1. mjb says:

    We had that exact reaction to the turtles last week!

  2. Pattie says:

    YES!!! I get serious questions watching frozen about what exactly happened to Elsa and Ana’s parents. Where did they go? When will they be back? Kids movies have too many serious issues I don’t want to deal with. back to PBS kids and NickJr.

  3. Delora says:

    New Daniel Tiger eps? FINALLY!!

  4. judy says:

    I highly recommend the doc Born to be Wild. It’s the only movie my kids can sit through without tons of questions or getting scared.

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