Capturing Hopes is a charitable organization based in North Carolina that provides free, professional NICU photography. They started in a small area and are working to expand across the United States (Perhaps the world?)

When asked, my first piece of NICU-related advice is to find a professional photographer who will come in to document some part of the NICU stay.

Clearly, the idea is important to me when chatting with other NICU families or their loved ones, but I never really pondered on why I’d say something like that first until tonight, when CH posted this on their Facebook page:


My response:

I regret not hunting down a pro photographer for my triplets’ 10-week NICU stay over the winter of 2010/2011. I regret it every time I see photos on CH’s Facebook page or when I pass the horribly angled/lighted pics I took but still have hanging in my house. I regret that I’m in hardly any of those.

The way CH photographers capture not only the babies but the entire experience is just breathtaking.

As a parent, choosing what to photograph myself back then, I saw wires and surroundings I felt guilt & resentment toward & therefore tried to avoid including. Now, I see our NICU life as something amazing. I’m full of gratitude for each wire, monitor & plastic box, & I wish I could see my miracles from that time without the veil of fear.

Whew. Feelings, yo.

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