This blog post resonated with me this week, and I’ve been thinking about it ever since reading it. It popped into my head again tonight as I listened to the chatter around me in Starbucks as I did some work.

Honestly, truly, I don’t miss the stages I’ve passed with my kids. Infancy tested me in every way, and I’m lucky to have survived it with most relationships unscathed. I try to savor each day, and I certainly do savor each stage. Don’t get me wrong – I’m not wishing away any of it or even hoping we speed through parts.

I love each stage we’re in, and I’m thankful for each stage we pass. I teared up over my Starbucks tea tonight, listening to the teens who ambled in and out because I just can’t picture my own chubby babies as young adults, maxed out with drama and trolling the local mall for l-u-v. God willing, it will happen, and I will see it, but I’m so far from ready for that business that thinking about it hurts.

I may not wish for a repeat, and I won’t wish for things to speed up, but you had better believe I regularly wish for time to be slow.

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