It started with erratic moods then followed with poor appetites. Round three of Being Sick During Winter 2013/2014 is well under way now. The temperatures are up, the snot is flowing, and coping mechanisms are being tossed about.

One of my biggest challenges is keeping ETC fed. Hungry tummies make grumpy kids, and kids who are already grumpy because they feel like crud only get grumpier when they’re not fed. Unfortunately, I have coughs working against me, and the typical toddler’s Ants In My Pants syndrome works for the coughs. They get wild, they have a coughing fit, and the next thing you know, I’m cleaning up a puddle of sick and comforting a sad, empty-stomach kid.

They sit still no better than anything else than with magic our television, so you bet I use and abuse our Netflix subscription when ETC are feeling under the weather.

Their favorite shows are available on an endless loop, and they double up with relatable lessons about seeing the doctor, should it come to that. Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood is a regualr staple in our house, and the songs are easy to recall at the drop of a hat. Our pediatrician has definitely walked in on us singing Daniel’s “Something New” song and overview of Daniel getting a shot.

Whatever helps, right?

A new addition to Netflix that has captivated my trio is the Moving Art series. They’re fascinated with the time-lapse blooming flowers and the underwater views of fish and other wild life. It’s a calm, quiet series that changes scenes quickly. We talk about the colors and species, and it gives me a break from Kid TV Overload.

When ETC are off to dreamland, it’s time for Rob and I to unwind. I’m normally an action/adventure/drama kind of girl, but when you’ve been battling germs and moods all day, nothing heals faster than laughter.

Netflix has some of our favorite comedies – both the overwatched and memorized and the haven’t-seen-in-forevers. All seasons of NBC’s The Office. SuperTroopers. The Great Outdoors. Spaceballs. Tommy Boy. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

Netflix is a sick house’s friend. If only they would add Gilmore Girls. HINT. HINT.

As a Netflix Stream Team member, I was provided with a complimentary Apple TV device, and I receive free Netflix instant streaming service in exchange for sharing relevant topics and messages with you and your family. All opinions expressed on are 100 percent my own – those cannot be bought!

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  2. Melissa says:

    Oh if they added Gilmore Girls I couldn’t even adequately express my excitement! We also take full advantage of netflix when kiddos are sick. They love the leapfrog cartoons. Theyre learning so its all good.

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