One-on-one time is hard lately. No matter what fun we offer Toby, Eleanor and Callista, they want the same fun as each other. Hurt feelings, tears & tantrums aren’t worth it, so I soak up opportune minutes with one while others are occupied or, like today, still napping.

Callista and I sat together and strung wooden beads on shoe laces, just enjoying each other’s company in the rare quiet.

Callista is a sweet, gentle little lady. She has great focus and a vivid imagination. She is strong-willed and impossible to sway. Ninja Baby knew what she was doing when she proved wrong the doctor who said she had expired. She is my ongoing, unwavering proof of unbelievable miracles.

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One Response to I get why parents stare at their kids

  1. Kayla says:

    Ninja Baby looks so grown up.

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