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This year’s March for Babies was again inspiring. No longer riding high on realizing how much we’ve overcome despite prematurity (still amazed, but the wonder has sunk in much more in the last year), my focus this year was on others.

I walked for some time with a mother whose school-age sons were both (in separate years) born premature. They’re now taller than me and sweet as can be, but they were once 1-lb. preemies born with fewer gestating weeks than my own trio were granted.

I had spoken with Diana Stone (pregnant with identical twins and currently on bed rest after her water broke at 18 weeks 5 days) on the phone the night before, just after she decided to go against her doctors’ plans to induce and terminate. She was on my mind the whole morning as I passed by miracle after miracle after miracle. It’s odd to pray for two beautiful babies to join this group of miracles, but surviving prematurity is far better than doctors giving up on you before you can be given the chance to reach viability. Even better would be Diana to carry so close to term her sons don’t qualify for a premature label.

Miracles happen, and March of Dimes is there to help nudge those miracles with funding, research, technology, treatments and techniques. Every baby is a miracle, and each miracle deserves a healthy beginning.

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  1. Jessica says:

    No idea how I just found your blog again but I remember connecting with you when you were in the hospital trying to keep those babies in. So great to see how far they’ve come. We walked this year for the 3rd year.
    Devastated for Diana.

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