The UPS man delivered ETC’s first shoes today.

Yes, I’m the mom who waited till her babies were 15 months old before deciding they should probably wear shoes.

1. I don’t think it’s any state secret that podiatrists recommend kids go barefoot as much as possible when learning to walk. Muscle development, learning to balance, yada yada yada – there’s a host of important reasons the all-knowing They site for the benefits of bare feet.

2. We’re at home most of the time. They learned to walk during RSV/cold/flu/brrrr season, so they’re really only in our house.

3. Triplets. Six feet. SAHM. Yeah, we don’t really do stuff just for looks around here. Shoes don’t complete an outfit, they break the bank. I wanted to hold off as long as possible.

Winter never really came to NC this year, and Rob is outside working on installing a fence in our backyard as I type. My kiddos are itching to explore their backyard, and it won’t be long before we venture into public again where they’ll surely want to walk on their own thankyouverymuch.

I waited through some good sales, hoping to find a magical deal at a big consignment sale. No dice. Beautiful weather and the tail end of See Kai Run’s (spendy shoes, but good shoes are well worth it to us while they’re still developing) winter sale finally tipped the scale and convinced me it was time.

$82 later ($22/pair plus $12 in socks so I didn’t have to pay $9 shipping), my kids have their first shoes.

I just hope they like them. And they fit. Of course those clearance sales don’t allow returns. Jerks!

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14 Responses to Shoe betcha!

  1. monica says:

    we mainly have one pair of shoes at a time for alex–until he grows out of them or he wears them out. i have snow boots that i bought in january (on sale) and have until april to return. given that it is 60 degrees this week, i’m thinking i’ll have $17 back in my pocket soon :) sounds like you are as level headed about this as you are life in general. plenty of better things to spend money on than filling a closet with shoes they wear for a few months at a time. but they are dang cute :) can’t wait for the pics of ET&C in them!

  2. Chunky Mama says:

    Those are darling! :)

  3. Beth Anne says:

    I am not a shoe momma. Harrison wore Robeez until he was running & then went into Keen sandals for the summer. This fall is really the first time I bought him sneakers. He picked his beloved light-up Cars shoes & he has a pair of dress shoes & then I spent $10.00 on a pair for him to destroy in our backyard.

  4. Lindsey says:

    You’re totally right shoes at this stage have nothing to do with arch support or anything like that, they just need to protect little toes and feet!

  5. mjb says:

    My 15 month old is barefoot around the house most days, too. He kind of knows that putting on socks and shoes means we’re going somewhere, although whenever I’m driving I hear him pulling those velcro straps off.

  6. Erin says:

    We have one pair of dress shoes and one pair of Stride Rite everyday sneakers for every size Wesley goes into. I kept him in bare feet when indoors and Robeez when were out and about until he was about 15 months old, then got the real deal. Nothing’s wrong with a penny saved.

  7. Rachel says:

    Shoes are expensive! If you sign up with Striderite, they’ll notify you of when they have their sales. They have good sales every once in a while! Last fall they ran their “2 pairs for $25” campaign!

  8. Smldada says:

    I just today started pulling the shoes out of storage. Little miss C is 9 months and there is a big second hand sale coming up at the end of the month. Also, there is an obsessive need to sort out the hand me downs that just arrived.

    I may have a problem. Or too many yard sales with shoes for $1 or less. I have to sort almost a full kitchen trash bag of shoes tonight. Sized through 8t I believe.

    They are just so stinking cute. We do go barefoot most of the time. Always in the house and mostly in the yard too.

  9. Jen's mom says:

    Love them and I hope ETC will too!!!

  10. Lauren says:

    Don’t hate me but I buy see kai runs at a salavage house for $4 a pair. I also don’t think the quality is good at all, they wear out SO fast. They sure are cute though.

  11. Angie says:

    Seriously – I can’t believe the money that you could spend on shoes. We have one pair right now for my 2 year old, and that’s all I’m planning on for a while. Would love to have a dress pair but they’re so expensive and he would just tear them up anyway!

  12. MomEinstein says:

    We only wear shoes when we’re out. Around the house it’s socks (with grippy bottoms) all the time. She has almost grown out of her Stride Rite sneakers now and we’ll be getting her first pair of hard soled sneakers soon. I also have quite a few pairs of sandals that I bought on clearance last fall for the summer.

  13. Sarah-Anne says:

    There is nothing cuter than bare baby feet so even though those shoes are reallyyy cute, I don’t blame you for not doing shoes until now!

  14. Suz says:

    Those are so cute! Can’t wait to see ETC in them.

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