Rob is presenting on behalf of the March of Dimes Thursday for managers of a local grocery store chain. My contribution was to assemble a collection of photos to illustrate our introduction to preemies. Some images and videos are hard to see, but some are absolutely swoonworthy.

I’ve had friends with preemies in the past, ladies who I’ve come to know through varies online communities. I’d seen photos of the tiniest babies and was fairly prepared to see the equipment that comes with tiny, premature babies.

What took me completely off guard was touching my preemies. Listening to them.

While I obviously can’t fully illustrate what they felt like (lanugo – soft, downy hair that grows in utero – remains the softest thing I’ve ever felt, and you wouldn’t think you can tell just how thin and fragile their skin is, but you totally can), video makes it easy to share how they sounded.

I shot this video from my wheelchair the day after giving birth. Rob was participating in Eleanor’s care session for the first time, and like a good preemie, she was pretty upset that she was being fussed with.


Please consider donating to our March for Babies team. We want to help more families have healthy babies!

p.s. Does anyone know where I can find that daisy fabric? I will always think of it when I think of Eleanor’s isolette days.

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