I was out shopping with ETC recently, and we were following a woman walking with the help of a crutch.

“What’s that, Mommy?”

I’ve watched a lot of parents hush such questions, embarrassed that their young kids are pointing out someone’s physical difference.

I’ve never seen anyone shoot curious kids dirty looks, but I’ve definitely seen the stink eye aimed at embarrassed parents.

Kids are observant. Kids are curious. Kids ask questions. Roll with it, world.

“That’s a crutch that helps her walk. Sometimes we all need a little help with something, right?”

“Oh! Like Daniel Tiger’s friend Chrissy? She uses crutches to help her walk!”

“Yes, like that.”

At that point, we attracted the attention of our subject of discussion, and when she smiled at my trio, they all offered big grins and friendly hellos. Doing things different doesn’t mean we act embarrassed or unkind. Different is just, well, different.

Thank you, Netflix, for streaming shows that help illustrate lessons like these.

As a Netflix Stream Team member, I was provided with a complimentary Apple TV device, and I receive free Netflix instant streaming service in exchange for sharing relevant topics and messages with you and your family. All opinions expressed on ActualJenny.com are 100 percent my own – those cannot be bought!


2 Responses to Kids & pink elephants don’t mix

  1. Liz says:

    Good answer mama! We have similar conversations- I keep it simple and straightforward.

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