“Catching Fire” is the second book in Suzanne Collins’s Hunger Games series. The book was released earlier this year, and the publication date for the third and final book in the series – title to be determined – was recently set for August 2010.

I cannot wait.

I was expecting it to be a good book, based off the raving I’ve heard, but it still surprised me. “Catching Fire” achieved the difficult and delivered more twists and turns than its predecessor, giving us a much deeper, more detailed look at Penam and its citizens.

I didn’t think (or, really, wasn’t sure how) it would take the excitement up a notch, but it did. Wow, it certainly did.

It was good to see some of our trusty, old characters, and I’ve even gotten attached to shiny, new characters we meet in “Catching Fire.” What was also nice was “seeing” some old characters who didn’t survive the first book, through memories, some nightmares and tributes (the nice kind, not the doomed kind).

I’m moving this series into my queue of books to recommend to others. It’s an equal-opportunity series that I can see various groups of people across the board falling in love with.

For the record, I’m Team ______. I can’t pick a side. I feel like I know one side so much better than the other, but my knowledge of said character isn’t fair to the debate. One thing I hope for the third book is a chance to get to know the unknown side better. Except … there’s that other side.

I’m zipping my lips/blogging fingers before I spoil something.

One thing’s for sure, I really do want my own mockingjay trinket.

Up next (for real this time!): “The Wild Things,” by Dave Eggers

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4 Responses to 'Catching Fire,' by Suzanne Collins

  1. Jessica says:

    I’m soooo glad you liked these books. You know what nervous feeling when you aren’t sure if a friend is going to love a book as much as you did? That’s how I felt with you and these books. :-) Now you can join the fun of the wait for the 3rd book with the rest of us!

  2. Jenny says:

    I have to admit, I was a tad nervous, too. I think the not-so-great reviews hurt my confidence. Also, I’m really excited I loved CF so much more. I really liked HG, but I didn’t hug it. You know, my highly scientific scale by which I measure my love for a book. I almost made out with CF.

  3. Allibug says:

    I love the whole series and I can’t wait for a third book!!! But I wish she wouldn’t just end with the third book make it go on, please. I love these books so much and I thought i was obsessed with the twilight series untill I read Hunger Games. I think it would be cool if they made the books into a movie or tv series show.

  4. Tameka says:

    I’m so glad you love this series! I never would have read it if it weren’t for the NBC and it was one of my favorite two books I’ve read this year! I’m so excited for August to find out what happens!

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