I accidentally requested the audiobook version of “Paper Towns” from the library and almost left it behind to re-request the printed version. I’ve never listened to an audiobook I haven’t first read with my eyes before, so I was hesitant to listen for my first “read,” but I love listening to books while driving, so I went with it.

I started it weeks ago and meant to take it with us on our impromptu road trip to Ohio, but I forgot the CDs in my car (we drove Rob’s), so it’s taken me so very long to get through this book.

Because of that, this review is going to be short and sweet. My reactions have been spaced out over far too many days for specific thoughts on various points, so I apologize.

“Paper Towns” has a good amount of my various favorite book ingredients: humor, mystery, adventure, friendship, romance and characters with whom I want to be friends.

John Green again gives us a nerdy guy as the main character, but Green does a great job of crossing the void between Nerdville and Cooltown, blurring the lines that separate the leaders of both populations.

I was a bit disappointed in how the story ended, but it parallels life pretty well – not everything turns out in favor of personal preference.

Up next: “The Lost Symbol,” by Dan Brown

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